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Let's Position Tahoe Donner for the Future


As an outsider with real world governance experience, I will bring fresh sets of eyes to enact meaningful changes to Tahoe Donner to reverse continued declines in members' value perception and enjoyment.  Tahoe Donner needs to change and adapt.

Please learn more about my position by reading my thoughts on:






Member Focused Governance

  • Revamp member survey / input process so data becomes a key decision making rather than persuasive tool
  • Enhance member enjoyment through proactive long term strategic planning process that actually reflects member input 
  • A new  amenity access policy that addresses capacity constraints at our private amenity while enhancing value proposition to members
  • Increase member participation in committees and governance beyond a select few.  Introduce less burdensome ways for busy homeowners to contribute and participate in Tahoe Donner governance
  • Work proactively with the Town of Truckee, regional special districts and other government entities to ensure that Tahoe Donner receives its fair share of resources for the road, mail boxes, traffic safety, trails, and fire prevention / protection
  • Ensure that our Association's interests and priorities, such as insurance and wildfire protection, are adequately reflected in the Town's and the County's legislative platform.



Fiscal Discipline

  • Bring back fiscal discipline and responsibility by thoughtfully and strategically investing Member's money without annual double digit assessment increases
  • Rebuild our depleted reserve funds to restore fiscal health of our association
  • Reverse continuing declines in members’ value perception with MEANINGFUL amenity improvements accompanied by prudent, disciplined capital expenditures that truly reflect member input
  • Implement realistic and accountable annual budget process that does not rely upon placeholders and assumptions driven by group think
  • Reduce continuing cash drain at our public amenities to ameliorate members' financial burden

Long Term Planning / Community Preservation

  • Re-evaluate TD’s long term capital plan by prioritizing projects and focusing on improvements that increases capacity at our private amenities.  Tahoe Donner has a capacity problem at our PRIVATE amenities, and public amenities should not be prioritized over our other amenities
  • Retool financial reporting to reflect each public amenity’s true cashflow and incentivize the management team appropriately
  • Reverse years-long declines in our members' value perception at our public amenities for our member through improved product offering, operating efficiencies and savings that all our members can enjoy
  • Preserve the financial health of our association as TD undergoes the CAI-mandaded restructuring of our reserve funds

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