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My deep expertise in finance, analysis, and strategic planning will ensure fiscal discipline as we embark on major capital projects and revamping of our reserve policy while my extensive  real world governance experience will ensure that we make member-focused, transparent decisions based upon feedback, facts and analysis rather than unrealistic placeholders and assumptions.

My husband and I bought our house in Tahoe Donner in 2011.  We fell in love with the trails, cross country skiing, marina and everything else Tahoe Donner has to offer.  While we live full time in Mill Valley, our TD home is where our hearts are.  This is where we roam the trails with our beloved dogs; where our son learned to ski and mountain bike; and where we celebrate our family traditions.  Someday we hope to share this wonderful place with the next generation.

I spent 25 years in finance, most of which were spent in investing across a wide variety of different sectors and instruments, including public debt and equity as well as leveraged buyouts and private equity.  During the last 10 years of my career, I successfully managed a portfolio of stressed and distressed technology credit and co-founded an alternative investment firm.  In addition, I spent a decade investing in and evaluating consumer companies, including private debt and equity of restaurants and resorts such as Logan's Road House, El Pollo Loco, and Intrawest (a predecessor entity to Alterra Mountain Company).  Finally, I sat on the board of numerous portfolio companies, providing strategic guidance for corporate transformations and growth while providing mentorship for senior managment.

My finance career has allowed me to be develop critical skills that will be invaluable as a member of Tahoe Donner Board of Director:

  • Ability to be an effective team builder and a mentor

  • Strong analytical and research skills

  • Flexible mindset without bias

  • Ability to work constructively with many different parties and constituents

  • Make consensus driven decisions after rigorous and productive debate

In 2019, I made a very difficult decision to walk away from my career to become a full time parent to my son because the demands of my career meant that I could not be as involved in my child's life as I wanted.   Since then, I have spent countless hours contributing to my community, including founding Tahoe Donner Member Voices as well as volunteering extensively at my son's school and sports events.

In 2022, I was elected as a Member of Mill Valley School District Board of Trustees as the district was launching a $200 million school bond project.  Despite a highly contested election, our school board members have been able to unite behind a common goal, focusing on governance, fiduciary duty to our students, staff and community members as well as fiscal discipline as we begin our new middle school construction and school modernization projects.

Tahoe Donner critically needs fiscal discipline, respect for member input, transparency, and proactive long term strategic plans to avoid the costly mistakes made with the downhill lodge project.  Our community has changed significantly since the Pandemic – we need fresh eyes to oversee improvements and member experiences. Without fiscal discipline, future generations may not be able to enjoy all that is here.  We need to change and adapt.

Here is how I will add value to Tahoe Donner:

  • I have financial acumen and analytical skills that will help to ensure Tahoe Donner's fiscal health as our association is embarking upon historic capital improvement projects and a complete restructuring of our capital reserve policy.  

  • My extensive governance experience and unbiased mindset will help unite our community by making consensus driven decisions based upon facts and analysis rather than assumptions and placeholders.  

  • My strategic planning and corporate restructuring skills will help the association to reverse continuing declines in our members' value perception with focus on operational efficiencies, accurate financial reporting, meaningful member input, and improved service.

  • My experience as a school board member has taught me valuable lessons about fiduciary duty - sometimes making difficult, unpopular decisions without losing respect for community members’ differences in opinions and values.

  • As the Mill Valley School District's board representative to Marin County Board of Education's Joint Legislative Action Committee, I've learned how different communities can get together to advocate for our children by sharing resources.  I've learned how to advocate and engage communities with consistent messaging and constant effort on important issues such as wildfire prevention, safety and insurance.


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